How Often Can I Use My Facial Cleansing Pads?
The pads can be used twice daily 

How Often Should I Wash My Facial Cleansing Pads In The Washing Machine?
We recommend washing them as per the instructions at least once a week  

What material are the Facial Cleansing Pads Made Of?
They are 100% Charcoal Fibre with a foam centre

Will the Facial Cleansing Pads Remove  Makeup, Dirt, Oil Based Products, Waterproof Mascara, Mud and Clay Masks, Sunscreen, Zinc? 
 Yes - all of the above with just water 

How many uses will one Facial Cleansing Pad have?
We have tested our pads with over 400+ uses 

Which Areas Of My Body Can I Use My Facial Cleansing Pads?
Our recommendation is to use this on your face. 

Are There Any Side Effects?
When used correctly you should not experience any pain or irritation. If you do please stop using the Facial Cleansing Pads immediately and contact us with your concerns at