Did you know that the majority of your beauty packaging cannot be recycled in your kerbside collection bin?

You can now recycle your unwanted beauty products free of charge.

Are your bathroom drawers full of half-used lipsticks, barely touched eyeshadow palettes, dried-up mascaras and skincare past its expiry date?

These products, once finally discarded have typically ended up in landfill adding to the already enormous strain on our environment.

The good news is you can now recycle your used beauty, hair and skincare products, and it won't cost you a cent.

It's all thanks TerraCycle

Jump on the website and type BEAUTY into the Waste Stream and press enter.  A number of Collection Programs are available.  However, most of them will only allow products purchased from their Store only.  The Collection Program I recommend is the Maybelline Greener Together Recycling Program. 

They have partnered with Priceline and will accept all brands of make-up, haircare and skincare packaging.

Terracycle are not the only option you can also use RedCycle in particular for your refill pouches.

Before you drop off your finished goods ensure you give them a quick wash so they are clean.