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XO Microfibre Headband - Soft and Gentle For Your Hair

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Stylish Headband Anyone!

Our headband is designed specifically to keep your hair out of your face while you get ready for the day.

Our headbands are made from soft, stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear and won't slip off your head. They are also wide enough to cover your entire forehead, ensuring that every strand of hair stays out of your face. Whether you have long or short hair, our headbands will keep it all in place.

Not only are our headbands practical, but they are also stylish. 

If you're tired of constantly having to brush your hair out of your face while putting on makeup or taking care of your skin, our headbands are the perfect solution.

With our headbands, you can focus on your beauty routine without any distractions.

So why wait? Get your headband today and enjoy hassle-free grooming every day!




Before starting your skincare routine, wear the microfibre headband around your head, securing your hair away from your face. This will keep your hair in place and help you apply skincare products without interference.


What is a microfibre headband?
A microfibre headband is a specialized headband made from absorbent microfibre material. It is designed to keep hair away from the face during skincare routines, preventing products and water from coming into contact with the hair.

What are the benefits of using a microfibre headband for a skincare routine?
Using a microfibre headband can help prevent your hair from getting in the way while you apply skincare products and make up. It keeps your hair dry and away from your face, ensuring that your skincare routine is effective and mess-free.

Can I use the microfibre headband for all steps of my skincare routine?
Yes, the microfibre headband is suitable for all steps of your skincare routine, including cleansing, applying toners, serums, moisturizers, or masks. It ensures that your hair stays dry and does not interfere with the application process.

Can I adjust the fit of the microfibre headband?
No.  The microfibre head is a one size fits all.

How should I clean the microfiber headband?
To clean the microfibre headband, machine wash it on a gentle cycle using cold water. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage the microfibre material. Let the headband air dry before using it again.

Can I use the microfibre headband with other beauty treatments?
Yes, the microfibre headband can be used during various beauty treatments, such as applying makeup, facial masks, or even during haircare routines like deep conditioning. It keeps your hair away from the treated areas, ensuring a more effective and pleasant experience.

Is the microfibre headband suitable for all hair types?
Yes, the microfibre headband is suitable for all hair types, including short, long, straight, curly, and wavy hair. It comfortably holds hair in place, making it an excellent accessory for any skincare routine.

Can I share the microfibre headband with others?
While it is possible to share the headband, for hygienic reasons, it's best to keep it for personal use. Washing the headband regularly after use is essential if you choose to share it with others.

How should I store the microfibre headband?
After use, hang the microfibre headband in a clean and dry area to allow it to air dry completely. Once dry, you can store it in a drawer or a designated spot for your skincare tools until your next use.

 XO Microfibre Headband - Soft and Gentle For Your Hair XO Skin Co
XO Microfibre Headband - Soft and Gentle For Your Hair Sale price$4.95 Regular price$9.95

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